Nikki Bella Is Furious After Brie Misses a Major Business Call on Total Divas

Brie Bella is in trouble with Nikki Bella on Wednesday’s Total Divas!

In this clip from the episode, Nikki and Brie are supposed to call in for an important meeting with their agents, but when Brie doesn’t call in and Nikki can’t reach her, she gets upset.

“Like honestly, what is up with Brie right now?” Nikki says. “I keep calling and calling…I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I just feel so unprofessional right now.”

When Nikki finally gets a hold of her sister, Brie apologizes and explains what happened.
“Literally, I’m here at the hotel, there’s zero Wi-Fi,” Brie tells Nikki.

Brie has been traveling with Daniel Bryan while he works, which is why she has to rely on the hotel’s Wi-Fi, but Nikki isn’t in the mood to hear any excuses.

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