Nicki Minaj cuddles Princess Diana’s nephew

NIcki Minaj might be a little confused about the British royals: The late Princess Diana’s Spencer nephew is NOT one of them.

But Louis Spencer is still pretty hot, as the Internet has declared, cozying up to Minaj in an Instagram snap on her page.


Wait, what? And who?

Louis Spencer, 20, aka Viscount Althorp, is the son of Diana’s only brother, Charles, now the Earl Spencer, but once known as “Champagne Charlie” and famous for his loathing of the media. He walked in the cortege behind Diana’s coffin with his nephews,Prince William and Prince Harry, and delivered a moving and brutally anti-royal-family eulogy at Diana’s 1997 funeral service in Westminster Abbey.

The Earl, 50, who’s been married three times, has six children; Louis, from his first marriage, is one of two sons and the elder so he will inherit the earldom some day.

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