Netflix Teases ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Comeback in Upcoming Movie

We’re still getting over the loss of The Office and Friends on Netflix, but now the streaming service is getting a new Rocko’s Modern Life film restoring our faith once again. Netflix dropped a short teaser for the beloved ’90s cartoon character’s comeback in an upcoming animated move.

Taking elements from the social media celebrity fan base culture, it turns out that quirky Rocko has is own hive of fans.

First teased in 2017 by Nickelodeon, the films take place in O-Town after Rocko and friends spent 20 years in space. Now back, the gang is attempting to conform back to life in their new modernized town and their newfound fame.

Like any urban neighborhood, O-Town has been overrun by coffee shops, food trucks, and iPhones. Rocko’s old job at King-of-a-Lot-O-Comics has been replaced by an instant-print kiosk, and more. Goodbye ’90s!

Fan favorite characters are set to appear in the film including Rocko, Spunky, and Leon (Carlos Alazraqui); Heffer Wolfe, Chuck, and Really Really Big Man (Tom Kenny); Filburt Turtle and Maitre D’ (Mr. Lawrence); Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, Mr. Dupette, Grandpa Wolfe, and Mrs. Fathead (Charlie Adler); Aunt Gretchen and Dr. Hutchinson (Linda Wallem); Nosey (Jill Talley); Ralph (Murray).

The Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling film will premiere on Netflix on August 9. Check out the teaser trailer above.

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