Melinda Messenger, 47, shows off her cleavage in a plunging butterfly-print green dress

She recently split from her beau Chris Harding, who she met on the show Forst Dates.

And Melinda Messenger proved she was single and ready to mingle as she attended Lizzie Cundy’s book launch in London on Monday night.

The former glamour model, 47, looked sensational in a plunging green dress which boasted a quirky butterfly print.

Melinda look sensational in the number which put focus on her tiny waist before flaring out over her hips.

She boosted her height in a pair of burgundy coloured high heels as she mingled with others.

Melinda’s locks boasted a bouncy blowdry and her youthful features were enhanced with a glamorous coat of make-up.

This comes after Melinda broke her silence on the end of her romance with Chris during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The beauty opened up about her dating life and why she won’t be turning to apps as she took part in a debate with Richard Blackwood on the show.

Discussing whether it was okay to lie on dating apps, the blonde beauty said: ‘If you’re lying about something as intrinsic as how tall you are, what size you are, and also who wants to meet that girl or that guy who’s THAT judgey! Rule them out!’

Admitting she’s not on Tinder after the split, she added: ‘I’m not on any of them, I think there’s nothing wrong with them, but it would just be awkward because if you were just known or recognisable you’re going to attract the wrong kind of people.

‘I would be immediately alarmed, not based by the fact that their height wasn’t what I said it was, but it was that they lied, because what’s wrong with what size you are?’

As the pair moved onto the pressures placed on people by social media, host Susanna Reid joked that she and long-term pal Melinda should get together.

Melinda said she would be put off by a man who lied about his appearance, saying: ‘It’s a total red flag I mean what’s wrong with you as you are, I get with the whole filter, Instagram thing it’s all gone crazy.’

Last month Chris took to Instagram to say he ‘doesn’t have a bad word to say’ about his ex.

The former photographer shared the update with his followers, the day after Melinda hit back at rumours that she had behaved ‘appallingly’ during their split.

Posting a throwback snap of the pair cuddling up on the sofa, Chris wrote: ‘Yes, Melinda and I have split. Always heart breaking but out of loyalty to her I won’t have a bad word said against her. [sic]

‘She has not during or after our relationship “behaved appallingly” in anyway. We split, our reasons are our reasons and that’s it. [sic].

‘You’ve all been super kind to both of us and its well received so keep it up.’

Melinda had taken to social media the day before to deny she had behaved badly, although it’s not clear what she was referring to, in particular.

She had written: ‘It has been alleged that I behaved appallingly in respect of my relationship with Chris Harding and this reflects poorly on my work as a therapist. These allegations are false and deeply upsetting.’

While the reasons for the split are unknown, Melinda and Chris had seemed incredibly loved up since they met on TV show First Dates, eight months ago.

On Thursday, it emerged that Chris had written in the comments section of his social media page that he will ‘never, ever kiss her again’.

Melinda and Chris have not been pictured together on social media since November and Chris confirmed the break-up in the comments section of one of his Instagram pictures.

Sharing a snap of himself and his friend, ‘Trendy’, Chris wrote in the comments: ‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!’

This led to a selection of his followers probing him about his relationship with the blonde beauty, with one person writing: ‘One person wrote: ‘Kiss Melinda again…. she’s much prettier than ya friend! x’

He responded: ‘Nope never ever again.’

Chris also received another comment from someone who said ‘they say any attention is good attention’ and he replied: ‘I don’t ever get any attention.’

One lady offered to come and ‘kiss Chris instead’ and he responded: ‘I’m celibate but thanks for the kind offer.’

The split will come as a shock to many as Melinda appeared on Loose Women with Chris last November.

There, they revealed that they have already confessed their love for one another, and introduced their children.

In fact, Chris’s Instagram bio still reads: ‘Lending hope to very ugly men all over the world’, no doubt a reference to his then-romance with Melinda.

Their first date was filmed for TV show, First Dates, where it emerged that they had met before.

In a bizarre twist of fate, it was revealed that Chris had photographed Melinda’s wedding to her now-ex-husband Wayne Roberts for a magazine.

She and Wayne are parents to Morgan, 18, Flynn, 16, and Evie, 14.

Despite Melinda and Chris having previously met, the mother-of-three confessed to the Loose Women panel that she didn’t recognise him at all.

She said on the show: ‘There was a Rolodex in my mind but I couldn’t place him. As the evening went on it became more familiar.’

Melinda had sworn off looking for love after splitting from boyfriend Warren Smith in 2017.

She said: ‘It’s that classic thing, you decide you’re happy being single, that’s when you meet someone.

‘We just clicked, felt like we had known each other for such a long time. I kept having to remind myself I was on camera. It’s awkward enough going on a first date or a blind date as it is.’

Melinda had appeared on ITV show Shirley Valentine in the summer before meeting Chris, in a bid to find love, but the search was fruitless.

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