Meet Stefan Kapicic, the Serbian actor inside the Deadpool

Just a day after we saw the veteran X-Men mutant Colossus as the endearing anchor of Deadpool’s IMAX poster, now it can finally be revealed which actor is playing the 7-and-a-half-foot metallic muscle house. Contrary to previously published news, EW can exclusively report that Colossus is voiced and partly performed via motion capture by Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic. The 37-year-old, who has made appearances on TV series such as 24 and The Event, was an eleventh-hour replacement for Andre Tricoteux in the role. (Actor Daniel Cudmore has played Colossus in three of the X-Men films.) Kapicic, in fact, only completed his performance in mid-December, a mere eight weeks before the movie’s Feb. 12 opening.

In an interview from his native Serbia, Kapicic tells EW about the casting process, finding the voice for the Russian mutant (which is more or less his own), and the immense fanboy excitement he feels at giving weight to an already heavy character.

Did you have previous knowledge of Deadpool? Were you a fan?

Yes! I am big comic book geek. I can’t live without them. Deadpool was always one of my favorite characters because of the way he handles all kinds of situations. His style and humor make him the perfect antihero. It’s great finding a comic book character that doesn’t care about following traditional comic book rules by breaking the fourth wall and being explicit about everything. This gives Deadpool the arrogance which you just have to love.

What was the interview/audition experience like for the role of Colossus?

It was such a top secret project from the beginning that I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for. It was only after the second round of casting that some of the names were revealed and I figured it out immediately, so it was a much bigger deal for me because I am such a huge fan. I ended up with 120 takes on my third call of auditions. I worked at Fox studios with [director] Tim Miller for the last part of the audition. The session was supposed to be for four hours, but we got inspired and creative, so it continued for eight more hours. After we were done, I flew the 14 hour flight back to Montenegro and drove straight to the theatre to perform Romeo and Juliet. I was reeling with excitement from that last week in L.A., but I couldn’t tell anyone about Colossus!
Meet Stefan Kapicic, the Serbian actor inside the Deadpool
Describe the feeling when you found out that you had received the part.

I still get chills when I think about it. Amazing! I’ve filmed before in the U.S., and have more than 80 roles in TV, film, and theatre, but the feeling of becoming a part of the Marvel Universe as Colossus is incredible. Sometimes you just can’t explain that moment, but when you think about it you feel so happy and proud.


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