Madonna Reveals the Names of the Twin Girls She Adopted

Madonna has officially revealed the names of the twin girls she adopted from Malawi.The Material Girl, 58, took to Instagram on Wednesday, February 9, to write a post raising awareness for the orphanage where the little girls have spent their lives, up until now.“There are 650 Orphans at Home of Hope where Estere and Stelle have lived for 4 years since they were 5 days old,” she wrote, before thanking the facility’s directors for their dedication to the cause.
Run by the generous and compassionate Rev. Chipeto and his daughter Lucy, Raising Malawi has been working with HOH for over 10 years since I met my son David there. If you would like to get involved by volunteering or donations go to. Raising . Every little bit helps!!!”
The mom-of-six, used social media earlier in the day, to confirm the adoption of Estere and Stelle with a sweet photo of her holding hands with the 4-year-olds.
She said she was “overjoyed that they are now part of our family,” and thanked her friends and family for their support.Madonna kept their birth names, and the girls will now join her four-strong brood, that already includes David and daughter Mercy James
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