Madonna is making her own ‘Bad Blood’ video — with Taylor’s nemesis

Taylor Swift may have plenty of bad blood, but Madonna, the OG diva pop queen, practically invented it.

So after Taylor’s cadre of famous friends came together for her Bad Blood video last month, Madge apparently decided to do her one better.

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Madonna posted a teaser for her new B**** I’m Madonna video on Instagram, featuring a roster so impressive we’re almost having trouble believing it’s real: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry,Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora.

We can’t help but notice that the poster is red, black and white — a very Bad Blood-esque color scheme. And, it features Taylor’s archrival Perry, the woman who allegedly inspired Bad Bloodherself.

Madonna says the video is “coming soon,” which could mean anything from “this afternoon” to “never.”

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