Madness! Sean Penn joins Charlize Theron on the Cannes red carpet

“What a picture, what a lovely picture!”

That’s what the French television correspondent squealed when Sean Penn walked onto the red carpet with girlfriend Charlize Theron for the Cannes premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road.

You can understand the excitement for film’s new uber-glamour couple. Theron already stole the show earlier in the day at the Mad Max photocall. That was before Sean showed up.

Penn didn’t exactly beam on the red carpet, but he was gentlemanly to the utmost. When approached by French television on the closed carpet, he didn’t say a word, just pointing to Theron. It was her night.

He stayed out of the spotlight completely. Or as much as Sean Penn can stay out of the spotlight on a red carpet in Cannes.

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It should be pointed out that he never helped Theron with her flowing and troublesome yellow gown, which kept getting snagged. That would have been too much.

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