M.I.A. Announces New Album “AIM” For September 2016 Release

M.I.A. confirms the title and release date for her new album AIM.

After teasing her new album for months and releasing political-centric singles, M.I.A. fans will finally be able to hear the artists new album after her camp confirmed the news with Pitchfork following the message “AIM 9/9″.

This is settling news after M.I.A. tweeted recently that she was,”so on the verge of leaking this album”. This tweet came when M.I.A.’s record label was reportedly handling the release of the album terribly and refusing her control. The artist also tweeted, “big Americana artists take from me and my work and refugee sentiments from my work before its release”. The strife with her label has supposedly been worked out, because the album now has a release date for September 9th of this year. With the announcement, M.I.A. has flooded her websites and social media platforms with the same piece of artwork (which can be seen below). And considering the theme of this artwork, it is apparent that the music that the artist has recently shared will be included on the new album AIM. This means that the songs “Borders“, “Foreign Friend“, “MIA OLA“, and “Poc That Still A Ryda” will be found somewhere within the track-list.

The announcement for the Mantangi album follow-up came as a post on M.I.A.’s website by author Sinthujan Varatharajah (here). The note centers around the same issues that M.I.A. has recently been advocated about the plight of refugees in the world. M.I.A. has also warned North American fans that she may not be able to have a follow up tour for AIM, because of Visa troubles and has also hinted that this new album could be her “last“.

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