Luke Bryan talks ‘Kill the Lights’

“We wanted to build a barn like this and have good ol’ throwdowns in it,” Luke Bryan said as he previewed his new album, Kill the Lights, at his farm Tuesday.

Bryan, pictured here at a recent concert in Wisconsin, played Kill the Lights, out Aug. 7, for several dozen members of the media Tuesday afternoon, then followed with a second listening session for the songwriters and music publishers who contributed material to the album.

Bryan co-wrote six of the 13 songs on the album’s standard edition, compared to just one on his previous studio album, 2013’s Crash My Party.

“On Crash My Party, I wrote a lot of songs, and I didn’t really record many of my songs,” Bryan said. “On this album, I didn’t write a lot of songs, but I wound up recording a lot of them. It was nice for me to accidentally get on my own album.”

Bryan considers Strip It Down, one of his co-writes that made the album, a rare sexy song in his repertoire.

The song “Crash My Party was kind of sexy; Do I was sexy, but the couple was in turmoil,” Bryan says. “This is my first, like, straight-up sexy, we’re-in-love deal.”

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