Love Island: Eagle-eyed viewers in MELTDOWN as they spot a McDonald’s McFlurry ice-cream in the villa’s freezer

They are thought to be in lock down in the villa with no contact with the outside world.

And so Love Island viewers were left utterly puzzled after spotting an unexpected item in the villa’s freezer during Monday night’s episode of the ITV2 show.

The unexplained moment came when Ovie opened up the American style fridge freezer to retrieve his hat – after leaving it in the ice box to cool down.

As he reached in, whilst explaining to India his technique for soothing his hot head, on the shelf was a red McDonald’s McFlurry cup.

Confused by the surprise item, viewers took to Twitter to ponder why and how a takeaway ice-cream was inside the villa.

One confused TV watcher wrote: ‘I have questions. How did they get a mcflurry. Who doesn’t finish a mcflurry and SAVES IT FOR LATER.’

Others added: ‘WHY is there a McFlurry in the fridge,’ ‘Hows there a mcflurry in the freezer then??’ and ‘As if they just have mcflurry’s kicking about in the fridge.’

A baffled social media user theorised: ‘OMG love island is pre-recorded, one the islanders have a McFlurry in the freezer which mean they get to eat McDonald’s, and two the McFlurry has the monopoly sticker on it and the McDonald’s monopoly ended in may. ??’

‘Anyone else notice the McFlurry in the freezer and not just the hat? #LoveIsland’, quizzed a fan.

Another typed: ‘Bro there’s a McFlurry in there, they’re getting McDonald’s dropped into the villa#LoveIsland,’

One micro blogger jibbed: ‘People have no issue with #love island being read from a script but a McFlurry in the freezer and Twitter’s in meltdown.’

Elsewhere in the latest instalment of the romance show, viewers saw Anna Vakali and Jordan Hames agonising over the public vote which saw them branded one of the least popular couples in the villa on the previous episode.

Anna said to Jordan: ‘This is the third time. How are we in the bottom three when we are the second strongest couple?’

Jordan who was also perplexed by the results of the public vote replied: ‘I don’t actually know.’

He then reassured Anna and said: ‘Don’t worry yourself about what other people think. What is the point in letting it get us down?

‘When we get out of here, we’re going to have fun!’

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Jordan added: ‘Of course, being in the bottom three isn’t nice. It does upset me but I’m not going to let it get me down.

‘I’ve been saved by the Islanders, which is unreal! The majority of people in here love us and that means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to Anna.’

Also taking place on Monday night’s show was the so-called headlines challenge leading to revelations ripping through the villa, ruffling even more feathers.

In the garden, Amber received a text, which read: ‘BREAKING NEWS. Islanders, it’s time to find out who has hit the headlines in today’s challenge.’

Hosted by Chris and Harley, the game saw all the Islanders presented with news headlines about one another, but with their names blanked out.

It was then left to them to determine who each headline was about.

Once they’ve decided, the Islanders had to collect a drink from the bar and throw it over the Islander they thoght the headline was about.

Tommy correctly guesses the following headline – ‘AMBER’S MUM CAN SEE HER HAVING A ROMANTIC SPARK WITH OVIE!’ – which immediately caused issues for all involved.

Ovie, who is partnered up with India, and Amber, partnered with Greg, were left trying to explain what the headline could mean, with Amber telling Ovie: ‘It’s just because she fancies you, I know that’s why!’

More friction ensued when Anna tried to guess the headline: ‘LOVE ISLAND FANS ACCUSE *** OF ONLY LIKING *** TO WIN THE £50K!’

Anna thought it’s about Molly-Mae and Tommy, when it was actually about India and Ovie.

However, the next headline did in fact feature Tommy and Molly-Mae, which Curtis guessed correctly: ‘LOVE ISLAND FANS ACCUSE “BORED” MOLLY-MAE OF FAKING HER LOVE FOR TOMMY!’

Molly-Mae was not happy about this, retreating to the Beach Hut later on, she said: ‘I’m definitely not bored. If people still think I’m fake at this point, what hope have I got?’

Chris then incorrectly guessed the following headline: ‘LOVE ISLAND FANS CONVINCED MAURA AND CHRIS ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!’

He threw a drink over himself, before heading over to India and swilling her. But this left Harley more than displeased, paranoid that Chris still has feelings for India.

Love Island continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2.

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