Love Island: Belle and Anton kiss and make up after screaming match leads to SPLIT… as her actor dad Tamer Hassan slams the ‘disrespectful’ Scot

Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan kissed and got back into bed together on Monday’s episode of Love Island following their row.

However, Belle’s father Tamer Hassan won’t be too happy since the actor has attacked his daughter’s love interest for being ‘disrespectful and disloyal’.

Rekindling the flames of their fiery romance, Anton and Belle moved past their differences as they locked lips once again.

Anton asked, ‘Can I get my bed back tonight?’, after he tried to get some shut eye on the sofa following the dramatic showdown.

Belle responded, ‘Can I have a kiss now?’, to which Anton happily complied.

Watching at home, Football Factory star Tamer admitted Anton’s actions had made him an ‘unhappy dad’.

He told The Sun: ‘On the outside Belle would not tolerate that behaviour.

‘If Anton genuinely has feeling for my daughter, he’s going to have to work harder to win her back, to gain her trust.

‘Anton is 100% wrong for kissing Anna it was disrespectful and disloyal, two of Belle’s biggest hates. I am now doubting Anton’s feelings for Belle and that makes me an unhappy dad!’

Their make-up played out on screens as it seemed the drama from THAT dramatic Michael/Joanna moment at the end of Sunday brought them back together.

As the Islanders arrived back the villa, Anton decided to spend the night on the sofa as he was tired out from his emotional night.

Both Anton and Belle gathered their thoughts and reflected on the drama from the previous night the next morning, with Anton saying to Curtis: ‘Do I really want someone that can talk about me in that manner when they’re annoyed?’

Anton then thought it’s time to chat with Belle; at the fire pit, he said to her: ‘I slept on the couch because I felt like it was an emotional rollercoaster last night.

‘Regardless of the situation, I think we’re going to disagree. The bottom line is that you feel I’ve mugged you off and I feel like you’ve mugged me off.’

Belle responded: ‘I know that I am a hot-head and that is something I have to work on.

‘When I’ve fell for someone [and then] they’ve hurt me and I’m scared of being hurt again.’

Anton said: ‘You’ve got so many good qualities that I’m looking for. Yes, you’re a bit fiery and yes maybe you mugged me off a bit yesterday but there is so much good in you.

‘I feel like if you want to work at this, we can just get back to where we were. If that is what you want as well?’

Molly-Mae Hague couldn’t help weighing in her feelings on their make-up as she pointed out their dramatic make-up a day after the split was a ‘red flag’.

However, Belle tried to explain to her blonde pal that she often reacts badly when she gets worried she’s going to get hurt again.

She said: ‘I felt when I’ve been cheated on and I’ve been hurt. I tend to put a guard up, as my guard comes down and I’m worried I’m going to get hurt again.’

The Scottish hunk declared ‘it was over’ after he felt his summer soulmate had ‘disrespected him’ by turning down his ‘proposal’ during the Snog, Marry, Pie task on Sunday night’s show.

Anton chose Anna to kiss, in an attempt to not upset Belle.

He told the group: ‘I’m going to kiss this person because they were the best person in the kissing challenge but I’m not going to use tongues. I’m just going to give her a peck.’

Later, Belle let rip at Anton during the packed Island Club after Anna informed her the hunk was planning to cool things off with her.

She roared: ‘You know what, everybody thinks you’re wrong but you. That’s the truth, I haven’t done anything wrong, you’ve mugged me off, you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve made me feel like s**t.

‘I’ve pretty much cried in front of me and you’ve not even gone “are you OK?” You’re saying that you’ve waited four weeks for this, if it was that special you wouldn’t be acting like this.’

As the drama unfolded, Anton remained calm as he said ‘I’m not gonna fall out with you’, but his words left Belle feeling furious.

‘Walk away then, that’s all you do walk away because you don’t want people to think you’re a bad person. I am what I am and I’ll stand by that,’ she yelled.

Things escalated after Anton had tried to explain why he didn’t choose to ‘snog’ Belle in the Snog, Marry, Pie task.

She said: ‘If you’re sitting there saying that I possess a lot of qualities of someone that you want to marry, why are you kissing someone else? I don’t care if it’s a challenge. I don’t find that funny.’

Anton responded: ‘I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong.’ Belle added: ‘You don’t? Then that’s a problem.’

Things begun to turn sour when Belle discovered Anton had given his number to a pretty shop assistant during a previous task, in which he was sent to the supermarket with Jordan and Tommy.

After being told about the incident by Molly-Mae, a furious Belle had a showdown with her beau.

With Belle opposite him, Anton admitted: ‘I think I should tell you something…’

‘Nothing good ever comes from that sentence…’ Belle said, concerned.

Anton told her: ‘You know what I’m like, I’m just jokes all the time… We got to the till [in the supermarket] and the cashier – we were joking – she gave me the receipt and I gave her my number. I thought it was funny at the time… I thought I’d rather tell you. I didn’t think it was a thing. It was a joke… It was a stupid thing to do.’

Belle questioned Anton about whether this was something he would likely do when he leaves the villa with other girls. Anton tried to reassure her but Belle remained concerned about his behaviour.

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