Little Golden Books Are Disneyfying All 6 ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Little Golden Books Are Disneyfying All 6 'Star Wars' Movies

We always knew that George Lucas would license Star Wars to any and every merchandise maker in the world. But this is one even he never dreamed up.

Random House is preparing to publish six “Little Golden Books,” one for every Star Wars movie in the saga. (Random House, in case you didn’t know, has a longstanding publishing partnership with Disney.) The books feature “stunning retro illustrations,” according to the publisher, and are recommended for ages 2-5. It’s the best example yet of the “Disneyfication” of Star Wars.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to launch into a rant on Disney “watering down” or “changing” Star Wars. For the most part, Disney’s doing a great job of carrying the Lucasfilm torch. The Force Awakens looks great, Rebels is fun, and the books and comics have been mostly good. And Star Wars Battlefront can’t get here soon enough.

But this one seems… ill-advised.

Lest we forget, the Star Wars movies are grownup tales with violence and at times, they can be awfully dark. Mentors died. Hands got chopped off. The female lead (Leia) was turned into a sex object (Slave Leia). The Emperor tried to electrocute Luke to death. Anakin Skywalker murdered the entire Jedi Order, including all the children. Anakin later lost his limbs and was burned alive.

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