Lea Michele is unrecognizable in her new ‘Scream Queens’ role

Lea Michele is going out on a high note in Friday’s series finale of Glee, in which she’ll sing abeautiful, heartbreaking song written by costar Darren Criss.

But she won’t be gone from our TV screens long. In Ryan Murphy’s new horror-comedy Scream Queens, coming this fall, Michele will undergo a complete transformation from the Rachel Berrywe’ve come to know on Glee, she tells us. Although she’s staying mum on details.

Whoa. Understandably, Michele wants to play against type after inhabiting the same role on Gleefor six seasons. And from the sound of it, we shouldn’t expect her new character to belt out Funny Girl any time soon.

So given its school setting and horror theme with Murphy at the helm, is it essentially American Horror Story: Glee?

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