Kim Kardashian Wants Ass Kisser Punished!

The same guy who allegedly assaulted Gigi Hadid in Milan made headlines again after allegedly assaulting Kim Kardashian in Paris.

The 35-year-old star was spooked when a random guy ran up from behind her as she was walking in Paris and literally attempted to kiss her butt. As expected, Kim’s security team quickly swooped in and tackled the man to the ground.

Now, it turns out Kim Kardashian is looking to make sure this man never gets anywhere near her again.

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian has reportedly contacted authorities to ensure that the attacker responsible for the alleged assault never gets as close as he did.


In addition, Kim wants to ensure he pays the price for his actions.

The report states that Kim Kardashian is planning to file a police report with the police department in Paris against Vitalii Sediuk, the attacker some people are labeling as a “serial prankster.”

She also wants to request a restraining order against the butt-kissing, Gigi Hadid-grabbing Sediuk — and rightfully so. I mean, in what country is it normal to run up behind strangers, physically wrap your arms around them and pick them up off of their feet?!

Better yet, in what country is it normal to run up behind a complete stranger and attempt to plant your lips on their butt? Yeah, that isn’t a “prank,” that’s assault.

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