Kim Kardashian Is ”Offended” Scott Disick Thinks Everyone That Has Dated a Kardashian Is ”Cursed”

Scott Disick was determined to prove he’s cursed on tonight’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

He was so convinced he’d been hit with the alleged “Kardashian curse” he visited a card reader with Kendall Jenner to prove his suspicions. “Anybody that’s dated a Kardashian…has gotten cursed,” Scott told her. “There’s something going on in the water.” But was it actually real?

The psychic revealed Scott has a lot of negative energy around him and that, yes, he is in fact cursed! In order to rid himself of the affliction, she instructed him to make an offering with a rooster while dressed all in white. Oh, and then he had to take an herbal bath.

Yes, seriously.

KUWTK 1206
Despite the unusual advice, Scott went ahead and purchased a rooster from a farm in order to perform the curious ritual. But whenKim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian found out about his antics, they quickly put him in check.”It’s not real,” Kim told him. “I’m offended!”

“You blame your actions on something else, somebody else,” Kourtney added. “You just always have an excuse for everything.”

After hearing Kourt’s opinion, Scott eventually came to his senses. “You know, I may have gotten a little caught up with this curse thing and maybe taken it a little too far,” he admitted. “Maybe there’s not a curse, and maybe I should stop with the excuses.”

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