Kim Kardashian Isn’t As Selfish As She Seems — Here’s Why

One of the most common questions surrounding the mega-fame of Kim Kardashian is, “Why is she famous?” It’s a valid critique — after all, she just so happened to be born into a wildly affluential and influential family, and has thrived on that her whole life. But she’s also built her fortune through entrepreneurial pursuits of her own, including clothing and cosmetic lines, an insanely lucrative mobile game, and forays into acting and show biz.

But lest you think she’s all glitz, glam, and no brains, Kim recently reminded us why she also deserves to be called inspirational. On Wednesday (May 6), the 34-year-old took part in a Google hangout where she chatted with fans about mental health issues. This was just two days after the premiere of “#Redflag,” a documentary she produced about mental health in the social media age.

During her nearly 14-minute video chat, Kim explained why she felt passionately about the issue, saying, “For me, I have experienced so many friends who have suffered from depression and other mental illnesses. And because I’ve never experienced it, I don’t understand it. I wanted to really inform myself because it’s not just something that you can snap out of.”

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