Kim Kardashian Goes In on Taylor Swift Again

Kim Kardashian is taking her war against Taylor Swift to primetime.

In a sneak peek at this Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the reality TV star has a heated conversation about the pop star with Kourtney Kardashian … as they re-hash the fallout over Kanye West’s “Famous.”

The sit down was filmed right after Kim did her explosive interview with GQ magazine earlier this year, where she alleged Taylor knew West would release a song suggesting they “might still have sex,” adding, “I made that bitch famous.”

Swift’s reps denied the singer’s involvement in the single whatsoever, something that really ticked off Kim.

“I never talk s–t about anyone publicly, especially in interviews. But I was just like, I had so had it,” she tells Kourtney in the video above. “I just felt like I wanted to defend him in it because it’s like, she legitimately quote says, ‘As soon as I get on that Grammy red carpet, I’m gonna tell all the press.’ Like ‘I was in on it.'”

When Kourtney asked if Swift changed her mind because she “didn’t like the reaction,” Kim responds saying it’s just “another way to play the victim.”

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