Kim Kardashian Braless White Tank for Lunch With Khloe

It must be a weird life to have a camera following you everywhere you go. For Kim Kardashian, that’s not only the paparazzi in public, but the invited-in reality show cameras that track her every movement. That is, unless you absolutely live for the attention, then it’s probably an amazing feeling. I can’t even get a stranger to take my picture when I ask nicely. There is some power to Kim’s relative stature.

Kim and Khloe were filming some kind of lunch outing for their show about a family of 30-something women who eat lots of salads. Best I can figure. Kim made sure to put on something comfortable, which consisted of a sheer and tight white top without a bra that bared her funbags to the world. Many babies suddenly became thirsty. As did many ogling gentleman. We share many traits. One thing you can never say about Kim, she doesn’t do anything for free. Gratis show of the big mams. Donations only. Enjoy.

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