Katie Piper shares hospital selfie as she reveals she’s suffering from a bad infection after ‘ignoring some symptoms due to busy schedule’

Katie Piper has been rushed to hospital with a bad infection.

The philanthropist, 35, took to Instagram on Sunday with a selfie from the hospital as she revealed her health woes were a results of her ‘ignoring some symptoms.’

Proving to be in high spirits following the ordeal, she updated her followers: ‘Ignored some symptoms because of being too busy and now I am in hospital with a bad infection! Moral of the story, always listen to your body.’

Katie, who has undergone almost 300 operations, continued: ‘I am being looked after by some fantastic NHS nurses and doctors as always.’

Back in February, it was revealed that Katie had undergone painful facial surgery by Dr Muhammad Ali Jawad.

The Strictly Come Dancing star was left partially blind after her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch organised for Stefan Sylvestre to carry out an acid attack in London in March 2008.

She still requires regular surgery and treatment as a result of her severe facial burns.

Her acid attacker Stefan was released from jail in October last year, after officials decided he was no longer a danger to the public, despite being given a life sentence with a minimum six-year term in 2009.

In a recent interview with Grazia, Katie enthused her confidence is at an all-time ‘high’ after her ‘body took a battering’ from the horrific incident.

Katue admitted she previously felt uncertain over whether she’d ever get employed again, praised the shift in society’s perception of individuals with disabilities, and championed the rise of unfiltered photoshoots.

Following on from the traumatic incident, Katie insisted she now feels content about her body image, years after failing to ‘look in the mirror’.

‘I think my body confidence is high. My body has taken a battering, and it’s always recovered and renewed. It’s made me feel in awe of what it can endure. To not love your body after going through any of that – what was the point of it?

‘Not so long ago, people would say to me, “You know what I like about you? You still wear make-up and you’re still glamorous.” It’s like, how patronising, of course I still wear make-up! All these things, they’re not vanity, they’re not frivolous – this is our armour, this is our tool kit and this is what makes us feel ready to face the world.’

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