Justin Bieber Still Thirsty … For a Sip of Selena

Selena Gomez must be exhausted … ’cause the chick was running all through Justin Bieber‘s mind during Monday night’s Met Gala — at least that’s how JB made it seem on the way out.

Justin and Selena have been broken up for months, but as he left the ball — which Selena also attended — Biebs went out of his way to throw out a line that was loaded down with bait for his ex-gf.

Watch … he absolutely, almost desperately, wanted to make a point about SG’s dress last night.



Word on the street is she just broke up with Zedd, so uhh … never say never?

Then again … Justin didn’t seem to be losing sleep over her while partying with Leo DiCaprio at Rihanna‘s after-party.

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