Justin Bieber reveals his vanity by taking selfie after selfie as he relaxes shirtless on Hawaiian beach

He sure can’t seem to get enough of himself since becoming a Calvin Klein underwear model.

On Friday Justin Bieber was caught taking selfie after selfie while on a beach in Hawaii, even trying to pull off a Blue Steel pose made popular by Ben Stiller from the 2001 film Zoolander.

The shirtless 21-year-old relaxed on the sand, snapping away as he flaunted his six-pack and multiple tattoos and with his cropped hair gelled and parted in the middle.


He didn’t stop: The 21-year-old Baby hit maker sat shirtless on the shore all by himself

Bieber clearly couldn’t take his eyes off himself and presumably liked what he saw.

His self-adoration comes at a price though.

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