Justin Bieber Declared His Love For ‘Hot’ Luke Bryan

You might not have expected to see Justin Bieber at the 2015 CMT Awards, but he totally video-crashed the show in his free-wheeling Guuber (which is the joke-Nashville form of Uber).

Yep, Bieber, “Pitch Perfect 2″ star Brittany Snow, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar now officially have something in common, since they all joined in on a little skit action for the Country Music Television Awards, of all events — which was very random. Especially since the only real difference between the Guuber version of ride-sharing and the stuff everyone’s using now is that the drivers were terrible. Even Aerosmith lead, Steven Tyler, who spent more time hitting his screamy high notes than keeping an eye on the road.

So, what made the Biebs chip in on the southern style show? Glad you asked. It turns out he’s been hiding strong but secret feelings for country singer Luke Bryan — a dude who took home, like, all the prizes this year.

“I love Luke Bryan,” he professed to late night host James Corden, his Guuber driver, in the vid. “He’s so awesome! He’s hot. He’s hot stuff.”

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