Johnny Depp Reportedly Asks Amber Heard To Pay…

Johnny Depp Reportedly Asks Amber Heard To Pay $100,000 Toward His Attorney Fees

Depp reportedly owes about $1 million in legal fees and costs.

The saga that is Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce just won’t end.

Depp has reportedly filed new court documents, obtained by People, asking that the court order his estranged wife to pay $100,000 toward his legal fees.

The filing seems to be a direct response to the Request for Order Heard filed earlier this month ― to ensure Depp pays the actress what she’s owed and to finalize the division of their assets ― which Depp reportedly believes was “entirely unnecessary.” After reaching a divorce settlement in August, Depp owes Heard nearly $7 million.

People reports that Heard has 10 days to pay the court’s order. Otherwise, Depp has requested he be allowed to deduct the amount from his next divorce settlement payment. The outlet also notes Depp already owes about $1 million in attorney’s fees and costs.

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