John Oliver slams the RNC and Trump

John Oliver has returned. And yes, he’s very mad.

While late night comedians (including some that have stepped out of the spotlight) were all over the Republican National Convention last week, a certain HBO host has been notably off the air for a few weeks. But don’t worry, he’s back. And he has thoughts. On how the convention was organized. On who was there. On what was said. On what was “feeling” and what was “fact.”

“What is truly revealing is (the) implication that believing something to be true is the same as it being true,” he said after showing a clip of a RNC speaker who said he believed that President Obama is Muslim. “Because if anything, that was the theme of the Republican Convention this week. It was a four-day exercise of emphasizing feelings over facts.”

When discussing Donald Trump, who was officially nominated at the convention, Oliver found a relevant clip from the candidate’s time on The Apprentice (in a music video DVD extra from Season 1) in which the then-host said, “This is a dictatorship, and I’m the dictator. There’s no voting and there’s no jury.”

“Unless we’re careful, by this time next year, this could be America’s new national anthem,” warned Oliver.

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