John Mayer Nails the Bottle Cap Challenge Started by Errolson Hugh

The Bottle Cap Challenge is the latest ridiculous challenge doing the rounds, thanks to ACRONYM designer Errolson Hugh.

Earlier in the week Hugh posted a slo-mo video of him unscrewing a bottle cap with an impressively precise roundhouse kick. As he said in his caption, “not bad for a fashion designer.”

The designer then tagged UFC champ Max Holloway, who rose to the challenge without hesitation. Keeping the chain going, he tagged John Mayer, writing “I decided you have to come to Hawaii after your tour and kick it with us until you complete it!”

Mayer responded on Holloway’s video with, “Oh shit. Challenge accepted.” Looks like he won’t be heading to Hawaii, though, because now we have a video of the style god/watch connoisseur/musician kicking the cap off a bottle. Watch it below.

Mayer tagged Jason Statham, but the action star hasn’t responded yet.

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