Joe Giudice Breaks His Silence About Teresa Giudice in Prison, Says He’s Trying to ”Stay Strong” and Appreciates Her ”Way More”

To say life has been different for Joe Giudice without his wife around the house would be quite the understatement.

Ever since Teresa Giudice began her federal prison sentence January 5, Joe has recognized just how important she was and is to the family dynamics.

“When you have four kids, you have to stay strong,” Joe explained to Extra! “Her being away definitely makes me appreciate her way more, a lot more, and you know everything she did.”

While their daughters continue to focus on their individual activities including school work, sports and even a music career, the family has received comfort from Teresa that prison life may not be as scary as they first imagined.


“She’s got a little group she hangs out with and does her thing with every day, and who she goes to the gym with and who she hangs out with, and who does her hair and who does her nails,” Joe explained. “They have their little thing going every day.”