‘Jason Bourne’ movie review

The title of “Jason Bourne” doesn’t lie. It is a “Bourne” movie, through and through. We’ve even got Matt Damon, the face of the action franchise, returning to the starring role after temporarily handing the reins to Jeremy Renner for 2012’s apparently aborted reboot effort “The Bourne Legacy.” Also back is director Paul Greengrass, the man behind the breathless, quick-cut style that has come to all but define the superspy series.

And while it’s certainly nice to see both Damon and Greengrass come in from the cold after nearly a decade away from the franchise (their last “Bourne” film was in 2007, believe it or not), familiarity can be a double-edged sword. They prove it in “Jason Bourne.”

On the one hand, not much time has to be wasted on setting things up, aside from the obligatory pre-credits montage. Pretty much everyone by now knows the basics of the story behind Damon’s very serious, very lethal character, created by novelist Robert Ludlum for his book series of the same name.

We know, for example, that Jason Bourne was trained by the government to be a killing machine as part of a vaguely sinister black-ops program. In the first “Bourne” film, 2002’s “Bourne Identity,” he wakes up with two bullet holes in him and no memory of who he is or what happened to him. Setting out for answers, he soon realizes he’s at the center of a government conspiracy that could cost him his life.

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