Is Funkmaster Flex Taking Aim at Nicki Minaj?

He’s calling someone the “king of pop music,” and it’s not Remy.

Over the weekend, the beef that had been brewing for quite some time now between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma finally boiled over, with Remy unleashing a venomous seven-minute diss track titled “ShETHER.”

During the track, Remy annihilated Nicki Minaj, dragging in Trey Songz, Ebro of Hot 97, Meek Mill and Minaj’s brother as casualties and airing out all of Minaj’s alleged dirty laundry. With the tea spilt all over the floor, many took to social media to weigh in on the fact that a true rap beef has finally emerged, including the likes of Funkmaster Flex.

Taking to Twitter, the Hot 97 DJ decided to weigh in on the beef between Remy and Minaj, choosing to do so without naming any names.

“Stop claiming ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ or rap if u ain’t writing or ready for war!” he begins a series of posts. “U ‘King of pop’ music!”

From there, he reminds his followers exactly who folks should be mad at, and it’s definitely not him.

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