‘Interstellar’ almost had a super depressing ending

Interstellar, which is returning to theaters for one-night event on April 7, could have had a dramatically different ending, according to director Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan, who co-wrote the film.

Speaking to a group at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab (really the prime audience for anything Interstellar-related), Nolan revealed that the original ending was much darker, but also, a little simpler (spoilers follow).

If you remember the original ending, Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper heads into a black hole but ends up in this 5-dimensional thingy (that’s a technical term) which allows him to communicate with Murph in the past through magic morse code books and dust, and thus give her the data she needs to solve Brand’s equation She solves and everybody lives happily ever after (well Murph dies of old age while her father is still young but you get the point). But in the original ending things didn’t turn out so well.

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