Inside Brad Pitt’s New Life After Splitting From Angelina Jolie…

Brad Pitt’s life couldn’t look any much more different right now from how it looked a year ago. To be sure, it’s been a circuitous journey from March to March.

In March 2016, Angelina Jolie had just been inked in Cambodia with a new tattoo that symbolically bound her to her husband of almost two years. The biggest threat to his livelihood was the epic, “career-ending” prank George Clooneywas cooking up; he had been outed as the runner-up to David Crosby in the quest to father Melissa Etheridge’s children 20 years ago; and Jennifer Garnerhad just thrown it way back in Vanity Fair, comparing her split from Ben Affleck to Pitt’s 2005 divorce from Jennifer Aniston.

Moreover, no one was all that interested, more than usual anyway, in Pitt’s whereabouts one year ago, figuring all was status quo for the busy father of six.

That’s a far cry from today, when we learned that the movie star has been holed up working dutifully on a sculpture at British artist Thomas Houseago’s studio in Los Angeles, sometimes for hours on end.

Reportedly while listening to sad songs, like any normal person would who might still be suffering the effects of a painful breakup.

But as we all know now, just a year ago life was about to become the opposite of normal for the Oscar-nominated actor.

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