I quit going to church, but I went to Kanye West’s Easter Sunday Service at Coachella

INDIO, Calif. – A few years ago, I stopped going to church. The reasons why are for another story. But on Sunday, I gathered with about 10,000 people around a grassy knoll in the middle of Coachella to attend an Easter Sunday Service by Kanye West.

A bright California sun beat down on the crowd – some in Kanye shirts, no flower crowns in sight. Doors opened at 6 a.m. for festivalgoers who wanted to be in the front row to see Yeezus make history with the festival’s first major event in the campground.

About 10 minutes past 9 a.m., Kanye was nowhere to be found but an orchestra in a round atop the grassy “mountain” began playing smooth jazz, a saxophone wailing. When they started riffing off “Outstanding” by The Gap Band, it felt like an invitation. “It makes me want to shout.”Eventually, Kanye made his way through hundreds of VIPs – including his wife, Kim Kardashian West and her family – and onto the stage. He appeared briefly atop a pedestal in the center, which, from aerial views on the livestream, appeared to be a giant eye looking up to the heavens.

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