How Scheana Marie Tried to Hide Her Marriage…

Not every televised wedding has the fairy tale ending fans hope for.

Back in February of 2015, millions of Bravo fans watched Scheana Marie experience her “dream wedding” with Mike Shay.

Romantic vows were exchanged, crop tops were worn at the altar and viewers hoped that this was a relationship that was going to go the distance.

On Monday night’s season finale of Vanderpump Rules, however, those same viewers will watch the couple announce their divorce and drop some new allegations some people didn’t see coming.

For many followers of the season, Scheana’s attitude and gestures regarding her relationship suggested that things really were all diamonds and rosé.
How Scheana Marie Tried to Hide Her MarriageEarly on in the season, Scheana made it clear that she is a one and done kind of girl when it comes to elaborate marriage ceremonies. “I never plan on having another wedding again, you know,” she shared. “That’s your one time.”

And when co-stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney chose to sign a pre-nup before their wedding, Scheana made it clear that she “would never even consider that.”

“For us, it was never even a consideration. I wouldn’t marry someone I wouldn’t completely trust,” she explained. “What, are you gonna like empty out my bank account…go to SUR and pick up my tips?” Mike would later laugh off the comment and joke, “Maybe.”

Perhaps the strongest attempt to show things were strong between Scheana and Shay was during New Orleans when the pair celebrated their two-year anniversary. While much of the cast was partying away, the married couple was able to escape and enjoy an intimate dinner.

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