How Celebrities Celebrate Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving! The day to eat turkey (or tofurkey), drink mulled cider (or mulled wine), and be merry is finally upon us, and we sincerely hope you’re curled up somewhere cozy, wearing the comfiest clothes in your closet and enjoying the smell of food wafting from the kitchen. That is, if you’re a regular person. If you’re a celebrity, you’re probably too busy to be reading this, because Thanksgiving in the world of celebs is quite a different affair.

Sure, most celebrities do partake in the grand tradition of preparing (and eating) a massive feast. But the circumstances under which they celebrate are a little different—you know, in mansions, in Miami on romantic getaways, that sort of thing.

It should be noted that lots of stars like to volunteer on Thanksgiving, serving food to those who need it, which is awesome and a good reminder to us all to give back on this day of gratitude. Ahead, find out how some of our favorite celebrities have celebrated Thanksgiving in the years past.

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