Here’s a Hilarious and Easy Halloween Costume Idea

Ah, the sheet-mask selfie. This is one social media trend that won’t get old for a long time. Somehow, no matter how many we’ve seen, they still make us chuckle. And something just occurred to us: The sheet mask actually makes an amazingly easy Halloween costume idea. Various styles allow you to achieve different vibes—i.e., horror movie, mummy, superhero. (Or just say you’re dressed as a celebrity sheet-mask selfie and win points for having the most creative pop culture costume of the night.) The best part is that you get benefits for your skin at the same time. Everyone wins.

skeleton-sheet-mask 1

When you choose a mask, just be sure to read the package instructions; some aren’t OK to leave on for a long stretch of time, while others you can let dry out and wear indefinitely. A simple hydrating mask without any anti-aging ingredients is probably your best bet.

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