Here’s a first look at California’s new Harry Potter theme park

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will officially send out its owls with invitations launch at Universal Studios Hollywood in spring, 2016, but before Diagon Alley is open to the public, the conductor from Hogwarts Express wants to take you on a tour.

The L.A.-based theme park released an insider video preview of its Hogsmeade village on Thursday (Nov. 19), showing a sampling of some of the must-stop locales of the new attraction, including the Three Broomsticks for nom-age, the Hog’s Head pub for Butterbeer, and Honeydukes for chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (steer clear of the Earwax, Dirty Socks and Vomit-flavored beans).

Also? You can totally hit the Owl Post to send home letters with a legit Hogsmeade postmark (assuming your Uncle Vernon doesn’t intercept), and go to Ollivander’s to have a wand choose YOU.

Cue the happy dining hall dance!

Of course, Hogsmeade is just a portion of the big picture because the Wizarding World also includes Hogwarts (duh!) which has the site’s “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” 3D-HD ride through Dumbledore’s office, Defense Against the Dark Arts class and the Room of Requirement. (Ugh, can we go NOW please?!?!) Plus, you can visit Hagrit’s hut make nice with a Hippogriff.


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