Here Are The Good, The Bad And The OMG, We’re Crying ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Reviews

The revival debuts Nov. 25 on Netflix.

Ever since we left Lorelai and Rory teasing Luke about his menu font in what was once thought to be the “Gilmore Girls” swan song ― shoutout to that swan that attacked Jess in Season 3 ― fans have wanted more, more, more.

But as many ill-fated revivals of late have made clear, sometimes it’s better for the house to be “full” instead of “fuller,” despite our yearning to revisit our favorite characters long after their collective cultural shelf-life.

This is the challenge facing Netflix’s much-hyped “Gilmore Girls” revival, titled “A Year in the Life,” which picks up with the hamlet of Stars Hollow nine years after the series wrapped on the CW. Debuting on the streaming service Nov. 25, the four seasonally-themed installments hold many surprises for “Gilmore” fanatics ― the final four words! Emily in jeans! Kirk! ― but there’s one question that’s been plaguing us since the revival was announced: Is it actually good?

On Wednesday, critics weighed in on whether “Gilmore Girls” was worth the update, so we’ve collected the good, bad and the “OMG, we’re crying” reviews for your reading pleasure.

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