Henry Cavill Says Playing Superman Is Like Having Repeat Sex

If you weren’t already looking forward to seeing Henry Cavill back in his supersuit in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”… um, there’s something very wrong with you.

Have you seen Henry Cavill? Need we remind you?

But if for some reason you weren’t impressed by his first outing as the Man of Steel, you should pay attention to Cavill’s latest interview with The Guardian, because he’s got interesting things to say about getting back into character.

“It’s like shagging someone for the first time,” Cavill said. “Sometimes it turns out to be amazing. Mostly you’re trying to get each other’s rhythm going. It’s on the next go that you start to expand.”

Needless to say, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing him expand when “Dawn of Justice” hits theaters in 2016. (Also needless to say: If you ever get the chance to get busy with Henry Cavill, you should definitely do it more than once.)

The actor also shared his methods for getting into superhero shape, which sometimes cross the line from motivational to just plain mean.

“I’m very self-critical and I use that to motivate myself. If I look in the mirror, I might say, ‘You’re looking good!’ Other days, like today, because I’m off-season and haven’t been training, I’ll say, ‘Look at you, you fat f–k,’” he said.

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