HBO Confirms ‘Divorce’ Will End with Season 3

Just ahead of its Season 3 premiere, HBO has confirmed Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church, will be done once the season wraps. The series, which premiered back in 2016, follows longtime married couple Frances (Parker) and Robert (Church) who realize the only way to fix their stalled out marriage is through a divorce. Cue the separation blues.

Deadline was the first to report on Divorce‘s cancelation, noting that the final season would be its last. This third season will consist of six 30-minute episodes — another sharp decline in the episode order and further indication this show already has one foot out HBO’s door. Executive Vice President of HBO Programming Amy Gravitt released a general statement on Divorce‘s forthcoming ending, writing,

“Sarah Jessica Parker has a unique ability to showcase the complexities of personal relationships with such empathy and humor. With Divorce, she took our audiences through the keyhole and into the lives of a modern day couple dealing with the fallout of splitting up. As we end with the 3rd and final season of the show, we look forward to our next endeavor with Sarah Jessica and Pretty Matches.”

Despite the closing of another chapter in the long-running partnership between Parker and HBO, it looks like she and the premium cable network will not be severing ties. No, Parker’s first-look deal with HBO, which was made with her production company, Pretty Matches Prods., is continuing to develop a new slate of projects for the network. According to Deadline, this includes “scripted drama, comedy and unscripted TV series as well as features and documentaries.”

Parker noted that showrunner Liz Tuccillo was part of the joint decision to end Divorce with Season 3, writing, “Between scheduling and complicated lives and actors, it was a confluence of things that came together that helped us decide that six was something that we wanted to do, and we felt confident that Liz could achieve what we were all hoping for this final look at Frances and Robert.”

Fingers crossed Divorce manages to neatly tie up as many loose ends as possible considering the season will run a shockingly quick three hours, all told. This final season will see Frances and Robert facing new challenges in co-parenting as Robert moves on with his new girlfriend, Jackie (Becki Newton), and Frances continues the search for her fresh start in work and in love. Buckle up because this quick journey to the end begins Monday, July 1 at 10/9c on HBO.

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