Golden Globes: 14 things you missed after the show ended

What went down after Jimmy Fallon signed off the Golden Globes telecast Sunday night? Only a multitude of A-list after-parties. USA TODAY takes you inside the best bashes, where stars basked in the glow of their Globes, swilled champagne and danced the night away.
The InStyle / Warner Bros. party
1. Golden Globes meets ‘Gossip Girl’

The extravagant InStyle/WB party felt like something out of the teen soap Gossip Girl. So it made sense that both Serena and Blair (aka actresses Blake Lively and Leighton Meester) were there, talking with their respective husbands (Ryan Reynolds and Adam Brody) at opposite ends of the room.

2. Tracee Ellis Ross matches her trophy

After winning her first Globe for Black-ish, Ross changed out of a structured white dress and into a slinky gown that was as golden as her Globe.  The matching “wasn’t on purpose, but it worked,” she said from a VIP couch at the soiree. “I’m gonna sleep with (the Globe) tonight. I’ll wrap it in a towel so I don’t hurt myself.”

3. Billy Bob Thornton gobbles more Globes

Thornton, an Oscar winner who won his second Golden Globe for Goliath, says he’s still a hungry actor. “Awards are heavy, but they’re not that filling,” he quipped while carrying his Globe into the after-party. Then he got serious: “I’m real insecure and I always think it’s the last one. So, I always want to think that my best is ahead of me.”

4. A Key callout

As soon as Joe Jonas arrived with a posse that included his brother Nick and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, he made a beeline to Keegan-Michael Key. “I’m a huge fan,” Joe said, and shook an appreciative Key’s hand as the comedian was on his way out.

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