Godmother Taylor Swift Meets Jaime King’s Baby Boy for the First Time and a New Love Story Obviously Begins

It’s the beginning of a brand-new love story!

Less than two weeks after Jaime King announced the birth of her baby boy, the actress was able to introduce one special singer to her newborn.

Taylor Swift , meet your handsome godson Leo Thames.

“Meeting my boy,” the “Shake It Off” singer wrote on Instagram Tuesday afternoon after staring into the baby’s eyes. She later quoted lyrics from her hit single “Never Grow Up.”

“Your little hand’s wrapped around my finger and it’s so quiet in the world tonight,” she added while holding hands with the sleeping newborn. Awww!


Back in March of this year, King announced the exciting news that her BFF would hold the special title of her second child’s godmother. Soon after, Swift would throw a star-studded baby shower for the expectant mom.

“I always thought if I were to have another child that she would be the ideal godmother because the way she not only treats me but the way she treats other human beings,” King exclusively told E! News at the premiere of Dior and I. “She’s so loving and so giving and so generous and she does everything from her heart and she’s incredibly brave and authentic. It’s a very rare thing to come across.”

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