Foreign actors infiltrating TV series in U.S.

Foreign actors infiltrating TV series in U.S.

Ever wonder why so many foreign actors are starring as Americans on television?

They speak with such flawless Yankee accents that many viewers don’t even realize they aren’t Americans.

Dominic West (The Affair), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) and Martin Freeman (Fargo) are all British.

Robert Taylor, who plays the rugged Wyoming sheriff on Longmire, is Australian, as are Anna Torv (Fringe), Melissa George (The Slap), Frances O’Connor (Mr. Selfridge) and Simon Baker (The Mentalist).

Tom Ellis, the erratic physician on Rush; Ioan Gruffudd, the immortal medical examiner on Forever; and Matthew Rhys, the devious spy on The Americans, are all Welsh.

Jason O’Mara (Complications) and Kenneth Branagh (Wallander) hail from Ireland; and Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy) and John Hannah (Atlantis), from Scotland.

Some viewers might be surprised that Diane Kruger, as an American police detective on The Bridge, is German and that Rebecca Ferguson of The White Queen is Swedish.

According to casting director Cami Patton, the trend began with Band of Brothers.

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