For heavy metal’s Ghost, it’s always fright night

Doom comes in a variety of flavors. The Swedish band Ghost prefers its heavy metal to be loud but melodic, scary but inclusive.

As the enigmatic group played Monday to a full house at the Mayan, it hardly mattered that Halloween was just days away. For Ghost, every night is fright night.

On two guitars, bass, drums and a keyboard were five silver-masked demons known only as Nameless Ghouls. And singing at center stage was the ominous Papa Emeritus III, dressed in pope-like attire of black-and-gold robes and a tall pointed miter headdress, his face covered in black-and-white corpse paint.

One by one, they marched onstage to the recorded sound of Jocelyn Pook’s “Masked Ball,” a haunting, meditative track used by director Stanley Kubrick as ceremonial orgy music in “Eyes Wide Shut.” Then came spooky live organ and riffing electric guitars on “Spirit” — the first of eight songs performed from the band’s startlingly accessible new album, “Meliora,” released in August.

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