‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’: Watch Dakota Johnson React To Seeing The Red Room Of Pain For The First Time

You never forget your first time…your first time seeing the Red Room of Pain, that is.

Judging by the look on her face, neither will “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson. In a featurette from the home release of the movie, which will hit shelves and be available digitally this week, Johnson says that she deliberately waited until she was on camera to take a peek at the real-life embodiment of Christian Grey’s fantasy playroom.

“The moment in the movie where you see me see the Red Room, that was the first time I had actually ever seen it,” Johnson said. “I had never seen a photograph, I had never seen them building the set. They kept it away from me, and I didn’t want to see it because I wanted the reaction to be as genuine as possible.”

That was not the case for Jamie Dornan, who played Christian Grey, the owner of the room. He asked for some alone time on the set to familiarize himself with the room.

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