Fifty Shades of Grey fans go wild for ‘Grey’ as new books sells 1 million in the US

The new addition to El James’ sadomasochistic saga is a re-telling of the first novel from the perspective of BDSM enthusiast Christian Grey.

The hit series – which chronicles an affair between mysterious tycoon Christian and his lover Anastasia Steele – was originally told from the female perspective.

Figures from the US show Grey sold 1.1 million copies there and UK sales data, to be released today, are expected to confirm its best-seller status.

The story, set over the course of a month from May 9 2011 to June 9 2011, is described as “a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the world” and the story of the title character’s battle with the “compulsion to control” and “dark sexual desires”.

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