Fact-checking ‘The Highwaymen’: How accurate is Bonnie and Clyde’s brutal, bloody end?

Bonnie and Clyde had no idea that total devastation was just around the bend as they drove their stolen Ford V8 on May 23, 1934.

Bonnie Parker had taken one bite of her bologna sandwich when her outlaw boyfriend Clyde Barrow cruised into a waiting trap. The car was riddled with 167 bullets in less than 20 seconds, one of history’s most famous and gruesome killings – the brutal end to the romanticized Depression-era criminal couple. The destroyed car became a carnival-like attraction touring the country.

“The Highwaymen” (now streaming on) tells the tale through the eyes of former Texas Rangers Frank Hamer (Kevin Costner) and Maney Gault (Woody Harrelson), who were enlisted to stop Bonnie and Clyde’s killing spree. The film aimed to do dramatic and historical justice to the moment their posse opened fire on the duo.

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