Every ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Ranked From Worst to Best

[Updated with Black Mirror: Season 5]

In case you had forgotten that we live in a technology-riddled wasteland almost certainly bound for doom, Black Mirror is here to remind you. From the seemingly misanthropic mind of Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror – which made waves on American soil a few years ago once the Channel 4 series found its way onto Netflix – has quickly become the 21st century’s answer to The Twilight Zone. But, to qualify it as such would be to shortchange the series, which swaps the original’s xenophobic fears of invasion for the newfound cult of misplaced hubris and updates the show’s technological anxieties for our modern world. Brooker has created a series that packs a serious wallop of immediacy and creeping paranoia.

Taking its name from the screens that increasingly rule our world, the series mines its scares both from tech that we know (smart phones, social media) and tech that has yet to be invented, planting its feet in the future while grounding its more outlandish ideas in gritty, human experience. Marked with a greyed-future pallor and unflinchingly dark tone, Black Mirror certainly isn’t a “pick-me-up” sort of sci-fi series, but it is one of our most creepily prescient.

[Spoiler Warning: to discuss Black Mirror in-depth really involves spoiling a few storylines, so if you wanted to preserve the show’s mysteries, get out of here, now!]

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