Even Chrissy Teigen Has A Legendary Bill Murray Story

The story involves an unexpected gift at a restaurant.

Bill Murray has seemingly spent the last decade or so attempting to establish his place in American lore ― becoming a real-life mythical figure, like a 21st-century Johnny Appleseed.

Did you know Appleseed’s apple trees were more about growing hard, alcoholic cider than eating fruit? Murray’s legend is very boozy as well ― bartending in unexpected places, crashing parties, giving surprise toasts ― and so he really may be well on his way to becoming a story we’ll tell children of future generations: “Child, let me tell you about the time Bill Murray joined RZA and GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan to give thirsty people what they needed.”

In any case, last night yet another entry into the Bill Murray canon emerged, as Chrissy Teigen tweeted her own mysterious encounter.

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