‘Entourage’ and the 10 Best Dude-Bro Movies that Got Us There

‘Entourage’ and the 10 Best Dude-Bro Movies that Got Us There

With the release of the Entourage movie, Hollywood has achieved Peak Dude-Bro status.

Epitomizing the current post-lad-mag (think Maxim and FHM) lifestyle that celebrates young America male culture, Entourage is a fantastical representation of what the stereotypical dude-bro dreams about: money, power, fame and the spoils that come with all of the above.

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Beautiful women, expensive toys, perpetual VIP status—the classic dude-bro is all about overindulging in as much of it as possible while they still can, riding a testosterone wave before real life swoops in and renders them into husbands, dads and mini-van-driving family men.

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Entourage is the end result of years of male fantasy powered movies rife with bonding bros and comedic hijinks set in a world of wild parties, beautiful women and bad decisions. These are just some of the dude-bro-heavy stops along the way.

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