Enrique Iglesias Drew A Heart For Fans With His Own Blood After A Drone Attack

If you’re squeamish about the red elixir of life, you better go ahead and click away from this post.

Because Enrique Iglesias got pretty bloodied up on Saturday night in Tijuana, Mexico after his hand got sliced by a drone mid-concert.

Yes, you read that right. A drone. (Note: He uses them during his concerts to capture cool crowd shots.)

And despite reportedly being advised to the hit hospital pronto, the “Hero” singer decided to play through the pain and use his own blood to draw a splatter heart on his shirt for his fans … because they can kiss away the pain?

Iglesias’ agent, Joe Bonilla, posted a statement about the incident — along with a rather brutal set of images — on his Instagram page on Sunday, May 31.

Reportedly, Iglesias was performing for a crowd of 12,000 in the Mexican city when he tried to grab the drone and “give the audience a Point of View shot.” This is apparently something Iglesias has been regularly doing as part of his Sex and Love concert series, but this time the drone fought back.

Afterwards, Bonilla reported, the singer was finally flown out to L.A. to see a specialist about the wound.

“His hand will recover,” Bonilla added.

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